Marine Surveys

Marine Surveys for Every Circumstance

Employees at OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated have over 50 years of combined experience performing marine surveys. We are certified and accredited marine surveyors providing accurate and trusted services in and around Northeast Florida and beyond. We provide pre-purchase surveys, damage surveys and finance/insurance (Banks & Underwriters) surveys for marine vessels of all sizes, personal and commercial  (yachts, recreational boats – including sailboats, pontoon boats, commercial barges, supply boats, and fishing vessels).

A marine survey should be a priority for anyone who currently owns a pleasure boat or commercial craft or is thinking about buying or selling one. A thorough marine survey includes the inspection and operation of all vessel systems and other on-board machinery and electronics.

Prospective buyers often save thousands of dollars when OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated advises them of a vessel’s true condition with itemized deficiencies, along with an accurate Fair Market Value of the vessel.

A marine survey also helps determine if you are carrying the proper amount of insurance coverage, which is an important part of protecting yourself from the risk of financial loss.

We provide the following types of Marine Surveys:

Pre-Purchase Marine Surveys are the most comprehensive type of inspection, and they are strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. This is by far the most common survey and will in most cases be the most detailed and in-depth survey. It is designed to ensure, as far as possible, that the craft under survey is free from major defects and is safe. This survey report should also be acceptable to underwriters in order to insure the craft. Any defects observed as a result of this survey may also give rise to further price negotiations between the purchaser and the vendor in the event the purchaser decides to proceed further. This survey is considered to ascertain the structural condition of the vessel. All other items are inspected on a non-intrusive basis only, unless specifically agreed with the client. Any recommendations arising from this report of a cost nature, should be quoted for by several suppliers, in order to achieve best value for the work concerned.

Principle Areas covered by the survey include:

  • Bilge Pumps 
  • Cathodic Protection 
  • Decks, Deck Equipment 
  • Equipment Levels – including Instrumentation and Electronics 
  • Electrical Installation 
  • Davits, Boarding ladders and Accesses 
  • Fastenings including Keel Bolts (if applicable) 
  • Fire Equipment 
  • Fresh Water Installations 
  • Fuel, Tanks and Pipe work 
  • Gas Systems 
  • Guard and Handrails 
  • Ground Tackle 
  • Hatches and Openings 
  • Hull Bottom Coating 
  • Keel 
  • Machinery 
  • Plumbing 
  • Rudders and Hangings 
  • Steering Gear 
  • Stem Gear 
  • Superstructure 
  • Safety Equipment 
  • Stern Glands 
  • Shafts and Couplings 
  • Skin Fittings and Seacocks 
  • Toilet Installations 
  • Ventilation Systems 
  • Windows and Port lights 
  • Mast, Rigging and Sails (where applicable) 
  • Moisture Meter readings and/or Percussion soundings, of Hull and Deck.

Insurance Valuation Surveys are meant to be a general overview of the vessel and its systems for insurance underwriting and financing. This type of marine survey is intended for use by finance and insurance companies to determine the underwriting decision of a particular vessel. This survey is very similar to the Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys and is generally required by underwriters (insurers) prior to insuring a certain craft. All boats/vessels over a certain age require this survey. The terms of reference of this type of survey should be agreed prior to the survey taking place in order to determine the limits of the Inspection. Areas to be covered under this survey will be similar to the Pre-Purchase Condition Survey.

Damage Assessment Surveys are performed to assess the extent of vessel damage, recommend repairs, estimate repair cost and determine probable cause of the damage. This survey is required in the event of damage to the boat/vessel from whatever cause. The marine surveyor, will normally be instructed by the marine underwriters (insurers) concerned. The marine surveyor function will be to report on the extent and nature of the damage and may also be asked to give an opinion or investigate the cause of the damage. The marine surveyor may also be requested for his/hers recommendations for repair and to obtain quotations for this.

Partial Surveys are required for a number of reasons. Some examples of instances in which a Partial Survey is necessary are:

  • If a customer is considering the purchase of a vessel, he or she may have a number of different craft in mind. In order to shortlist the selection and to avoid the expense of more than one full survey, the individual may decide to carry out a number of partial surveys, the results of which may indicate which vessel is preferable. A full Pre-Purchase Survey could then be carried out on the selected vessel. The nature and extent of the Partial Survey to be agreed prior to survey.
  • Guarantee or Dispute Resolution
    The value of a professional report in the area of faulty equipment and numerous other issues may go a long way in resolving matters posthaste.

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