About Us

Welcome to OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated

OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated offers quality assurance through the performance of inspections of vessels as well as providing marine appraisals, marine consulting, and more. Whether you need service for a small recreational boat, yacht, barge, supply vessel or are looking for commercial marine services, OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated provides exceptional service you can count on.

With our decades of experience, you know you’re getting service you can trust. OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated has worked with many local companies in Florida, marine construction outfits from Florida and surrounding states: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and multiple credible associations in the Southeast United States. OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated is a member the of the United States Surveyors Association – NAVTECH. In addition, all of our marine surveyors are accredited and certified under the NAVTECH – U.S. Surveyors Association – International and the Chapman School of Seamanship.

At OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated, our customers are what matter to us most. We are dedicated to always providing reliable, professional, and responsive service to our customers. We are committed to honesty and excellence in the performance of our work. We will continue to maintain high standards of integrity, coupled with a commitment to continuing education in the technical aspects of the marine industry. OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated provides a high-quality service to all types of ships and yacht owners.

OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated is the top marine surveying and consulting company in the Southeast. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, we will travel anywhere within Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, and surrounding areas. Other arrangements can be made outside the aforementioned areas. We know that you may need our services as soon as possible, so we are available 24/7 for all boat types. Whether your boat is 15 ft or 150 ft, we are here for you!

Dr. Luis R. Burgos, PhD, MS, MMS
OWNER & CEO of OMEGA Marine Services, Incorporated

Dr. Burgos graduated in 1972 from Theodore Roosevelt High School located in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Burgos received a Bachelor of Science Degree from S.U. N.Y. Maritime College in January 1977, a Master’s of Science Degree – Engineering Management from Madison University in 2005, and a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) – Engineering Management from Madison University in 2007.

Dr. Burgos spent approximately 9 years in the marine industry private sector: Bethlehem Steel Corporation, as a ship superintendent; McGregor Land and Sea, Inc as a Service Engineer; Hudson Engineering Co. as a Ship Superintendent and later Marine Superintendent; Independent Marine Consultant; Puerto Rico Drydock & Marine Terminals Hull & Machinery Superintendent; and Yard Superintendent in charge of Government contracts and marine repairs (US Navy, US Army. US Coast Guard, US Air Force, NOOA, and other Govt. Agencies).

Dr. Burgos joined the U.S. Government on October 27, 1986 as a General Ship Superintendent ddg-78(Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical) assigned to the Resident Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair (RE-SUPSHIP), in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In August 1988, he transferred to SUPSHIP – JAX to assume the duties of Ship Superintendent – Structural. In March 1991, Dr. Burgos was selected to the position of Marine Surveyor at COMSERVFORSIXTHFLT – Ship Repair Unit Naples-Italy OVERSEAS Tour. He provided direct support during Desert Shield and Desert Storm to the US Naval Force and Allies in the AOR. 

In June 1994, Dr. Burgos was transferred to the Ship Repair Unit–BAHRAIN, COMSERVFORFITHFLT. In April 1996, he returned to SUPSHIP – JAX to assume the position of Shipbuilding Specialist.  In October 2000, Dr. Burgos was selected to the position of Marine Surveyor with the Ship Repair Unit COMSRVFORFITHFLT – BAHRAIN Detachment. Upon completion of this OVERSEAS tour (July 2000 – 2004, he returned to the Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) at NAVSTA MAYPORT. In September 2005, he was promoted to the position of the Resource Manager (GS-13), Waterfront Operations. In September 2006 Dr. Burgos was promoted to the position SERMC Project Manager (GS-13). In 2013, Dr. Burgos was selected as a Project Manager to support the Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) COMSERFORSIXTHFLT located in ROTA – SPAIN. Furthermore, he maintained close ties with other U.S. Government agencies in theater and foreign Contractors. In January 2016, Dr. Burgos returned to SERMC and his position of Project Manager in charge of Visit Ships and Special Projects. 

Dr. Burgos retired from the Department of Defense – NAVSEA on December 31, 2019 (34-years of Federal Service). While working for the Government, Dr. Burgos volunteered at the Duval Public Schools, as well as serving as a mentor to others planning their college and professional careers. He is a graduate of the Class of 2006 – U.S. Government Graduate School – Federal Executive Leadership Program (ELP). In 2007 he was certified DAWIA – Defense Acquisition University – Level III in Production, Quality Assurance, and Manufacturing.  In 2008 he completed the Lean Six – Sigma Green Belt training and was certified.  He is a Life Member of the U.S. Naval Institute, Member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), He is also a member of the Jacksonville Marine Association, Certified and Accredited Marine Surveyor U.S. Surveyors Association (USSA) – Master Marine Surveyor – USSA# 1144403B, and a member of the Organization of Black Maritime Graduates (OBMG). In addition, Dr. Burgos is also a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary; presently Dr. Burgos is the Flotilla 14 -02 (ARLINGTON), DIVISION – 14, DISTRICT Flotilla Commander. He’s been with them for 10 years, promoting boating safety in the waterways of Jacksonville, Florida. In Addition, he is a Certified Vessel Examiner, Program Visitor, Navigational Services Flotilla Staff Officer, and ATON – PATON Verifier.

Our Mission

At OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated, we strive to provide marine surveying services, boat appraisals, and marine consulting services to the marine industry, as well as the recreational and yacht boating communities, which will meet the expectations of our customers in terms of professionalism, reliability, availability, responsibility, opportunity, and integrity – all within a safe environment.  Your satisfaction is our Mission!

Our Vision

We envision providing top rated marine and consulting services to the marine industry and the recreational and yacht boating communities based on quality, cost effectiveness, and on-time delivery to all our customers. We want to make our customers happy and that they are part of the experience. Most of all, we want them to understand that what our clients say, their concerns, and their input all really matter to us.

Our Company Values

Providing Solutions

Technical acumen applied to the needs and the real possibilities of our customers’ expectations and working with them on all project decisions.

On-Time Delivery

OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated meets on a daily basis with each customer and discusses their needs and most importantly the schedule.


As leaders in the marine industry, we always rule actions according to the legal system as well as what we consider ethical and responsible.


As a company, we strive for objectivity by devoting special care in delivering accurate reports about causality with an impartial analysis.


We always deliver full, and detailed reports to our customers. They are completely comprehensive, easy to read, and always factual.


As marine surveyors, we aim at having an honest relationship with clients, providing all the relevant information in order to facilitate decision making.

Our Services


We provide pre-purchase surveys, damage surveys, machinery surveys, marine electrical/electronic surveys, and finance/insurance surveys for personal and commercial marine vessels of all sizes.


At OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated, we provide accurate estimates to be utilized by both parties in negotiating a final sale price of a boat and or repairs and services to the vessels.


We offer professional consulting services for marine companies and boatowners looking to ensure customer confidence, increase productivity, and to improve their business overall.


OMEGA Marine Services Incorporated will help you reach your goals and finish successful projects with our certified project managers and professional experience in the marine industry.